Author Topic:   A few more questions for ENTegrety
posted May 29, 2001 12:14 AM            
I'm seeing mods with keywords from unexpected classes inter-mixed.

For example, are "Fade"/"BounceEvery"/"BounceMin"/"BounceSound"/"BounceThreshold" valid for projectiles? I know they're valid for nearly every other class.

Are "SelfHitDelay"/"EntityChainMultiply" valid for spewer? I know it's valid for projectile.

Basically, I would like to know which classes inherit from other classes.

I'm actullly using ENTegrety now. It works. Fine tuning only. Neat feature to "Clean As You Go," which gives you the option to launch your editor against the file in error. Using UltraEdit, the line number is even passed, placing your cursor on the very line in error. All controlled via the ENTegrety.ini file. Full setup install for ditribution. Kinda spiffy introduction. .unmod file generation complete. Having trouble with mod pack -- GlPro bug (I think).

Thanks in advance.


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posted May 29, 2001 12:11 PM            
Well... chances are its probably some of my mods that are giving you trouble (among others). as far as mine go personally i here and there add in a few parameters just to see if they happen to work. if they dont work sometimes i pull them out other times i just dismiss them and leave them in saince they dont do anything anyhow. sloppy i know but i didnt need to worry about it before. Ill avoid doing that in the future. I'm still waiting for LDA to get back to me with their revised version of the EEK so we can get all these parameters streight. until then im no help really on what goes where.

and theres a way to get ENTegerity to integrate into UltraEdit? way a lot of cool, UE is what i use for modding! the multiple tabbed interface and project storage is great!

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posted June 02, 2001 11:35 PM            

Those used in the Plasma Mine and RGrenade are valid for projectiles.

Those used in the Squishies (Sheep, Kangaroos, etc) that aren't in those two listed above I know DON'T work for Projectiles - I've tried them.

(I don't feel like looking up the files though as to what is what)