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i was struck with an inspiration earlier today on how to tackle the problem with invisible weaponry and tanks on the servers. i would like help from anyone who can help with this.

i need a hand with getting this to work however since its only a fairly random idea in my head at the moment. i made one 1/2 a$$ed attempt at it so far and it didnt quite work right, and i wont have time to work on it further for a while.

heres the basics: i noticed that there is already a texture in the TM folders that says on it "image not available". so at some point LDA was planning to impliment a default mesh like substance for the servers, just never got around to it for some reason. i think i found a way to make it work tho for almost all mods.

use the SecMesh parameter.
make a weapon file called "default.ent" or something. have the SecMesh parameter call in that default.ent file. have the default.ent file call in the box1MedT.lwo file. for the texture have the default.ent file call in the "ImageNotAvailable.bmp" for a texture.

the combination of these 2 will print "image Not Available" on each side of the box due to how the box's luv file is set up.

then use the ScaleMatrix parameter to scale the box down to an odd shape to fit INSIDE of the weapons mesh and remain hidden to anyone who has the mesh and texture installed on their computer. in theory anyone who doesnt have the mesh and texture will see the oddly shaped Image Not Available box instead of an invisible weapon since the box and that texture are within the TM folders.

for those weapons that make use of the SecMesh parameter for animation they could instead make a mesh ent file instead of a second weapon ent file. just use the SecEnt parameter instead, but use the scalematrix parameter and everything in the same way.

im not exactly sure how to incorperate this into tanks. the only way i could think of to do it would be to have the tanks turret and barrel all one piece and then somehow have the barrel file point to the box mesh, or something, then add in an altered tankgun1 file to move the cooridnates of the projectile to the new end of the barrel. i dont really know on that and from how i can think in my head i dont think there is a way to do this with tanks. the only real alternative i can come up with is to have high res models be the normal tank and low res models point to a default mesh with the image not available texture on it, but that isnt a very good solution. but at least that way people who didnt have a tank could switch to low res textures and see everything. i dont know...

granted on weapons such as the size of the laser this wouldnt work well since the box mesh would have to be so small as to be nearly invisible. on weapons that use the SecMesh for animation it would also rotate the SecEnt as well, so that may limit the size that the SecEnt to being rather small. Idealy this would work well on larger weapons tho.

i think that at least with most weapons this could manage to work. i am also willing to make up the stock ent's for this default idea and make them available for d load off my site for people to use.

give me some feedback on this please. let me know if im just crazy or if you think this has a chance of working the way i have in mind.

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Dreamer (BWL/MG)
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I still think the best solution (for the near furutre) would be to point everyone lacking anything to the nearest webserver.
Or to allow pre-game downloads, no matter how long that would take. Unreal Tournament can do it, why can't we?
The player could even be allowed to fly around in ghost mode while waiting for his download to finish, if his/her bandwidth allows that.
Granted, it's pretty silly to sit and wait for five to ten minutes till that map download is finished, only to see the game has moved to another map I don't have either, but that's life, isn't it?
I for one _can_ wait. Plus I think those are the only ways to properly spread mods - what use are mods when no server can use them because the clients stop soming back when they see they can't see most of the weapons they use?
I think it might really be best to keep a mod database on each server and on each client and compare those with each other in pre-game-ini.

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posted May 22, 2001 03:29 AM            
i agree that there are many better ways to do this, im just trying to think of what can be done now, with things as is. i have a feeling that im not going to come up with anything workable tho.