Author Topic:   Tank Question/ Idea
posted May 17, 2001 06:26 AM            
i was inspired earlier by the impending battle with coax, super, WM and Robu to design a new tank. something for people to log into matches to watch, but not to play. for one it will let scrap matches like these occur with an audience and also using a low res non interactive mesh should allow more people to log in w/ out bogging the server. seems like it would be nice to have something where people can just log in to have a look around.

could call it the "Spectator" or something. here is what i was thinking:

  • use a standard stock TM mesh, a pyrmaid or the ammo box or whatever, just something squareish and stable.
  • tweak the hell out of the various speed and related settings to get a tank that handles incredibly well to keep up with where the action is
  • increase the Spectators armor stats to the point where it pretty much cant be killed to avoid lag due to explosive effects. armor = 30 or something rediculous like that. nukes may not even leave a speck of dirt on that let alone scratch it.
  • no turret, no weapon barrel. also have the max ammo count set to zero so there is just plain no main gun at all.
  • remove the crud spewing effect of throwing up dird from the treads. im pretty sure that that would be server side only, but it couldnt hurt anyhow.
  • here is where i have aproblem... disabiling the ability to pick up weaponry...

idealy i would like to make the tank nonsolid. that way it cant interfeer with the fighting tanks, it would pass thru them, dont know if that can be done however. if it could be done would this not let the Spectator pick up weapons? im really not sure.

if anyone can think of a way to put together a Spectator tank so that it could be used for this purpose let me know and i can throw it together.

also, heh, to limit other people from trying to log into scrap matches like this the sys opp of the server could temporarily disable all tank types except for the ones that are to be used. the combatants can decide on tanks ahead of time, then leave in just those and the Spectator.


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The Weatherman
posted May 17, 2001 07:26 AM         
Is it possible to not give it a place to mount a weapon? How about starting it off with unlimited ammo of a 0 effect weapon that has a spawn weight of 0. Is there a way to give it an infinite reload time for bolt-ons?

Alternate, less cool idea is to make a tank into a landmark - Tall, thin, 0 Accel, 0 speed, turret speed of 100, mass of 10, freelook on. (problem is , would spawn on a weapon site (probably) and still would need a way to disable powerups.

This is all just brain dust devils - I really don't know what is possible.

Is there a way to turn off its collision box so it can't block tanks or weapons (i.e. suck up cruise missle shots?)- something like how a turret can poke through a hill...

Edit: Can you shift the collision box for a tower 100 meters under the ground or into the sky? How would that effect the tanks ability to touch the ground?

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Random Chaos
posted May 17, 2001 11:23 AM            
I have always wanted to take one of those statues (warrior, lady, mosquito, etc) and turn them into a tank


posted May 17, 2001 12:18 PM            
i think that the main problem is going to be getting the game to ignore the fact that the tank exists. im not sure how to make the tanks non solid to avoid physically getting in the way.

i would need a way to add in an extra team (or something) that was concidered to be on everybodys team, to avoid attracting homing weapons. this is the same problem i ran into when trying to think of a way to make a referee tank. yes you should be penalized for fragging the ref, but not cause your cruise missile happened to lock onto it... oh well.

the idea of a dummy weapon for the tank is a very good one that would be way easy to do. just have the tanks main gun do something ineffective but would keep the players ammused. it could spawn a weapon attachment with unlimited ammo that would just make a little puff of smoke every so often, amin thing is to keep it to the point where it wont begin to slow down a server. could manage something im sure tho.

i think that the collision detection box thingy is set by some algorithmamajiger within the program and cant be altered to specific items. the program just looks at how large the model is and calls that area solid, probably. some things can be set to be solid or not, and barrels are non solid by default. but the thing im thinking is that if the tank wernt solid wouldnt it just fall thru the ground and end up in water?

crap crap

HELP HELP! ill send an email to Jim and hope for a response before the scrap match starts monday nite.

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Rex R
posted May 17, 2001 12:29 PM            
re; armor settings
anything over 7 is well nigh invulnerable at 10 will take no damage what so ever. as for driving sculpture is concerned thats easy(tho driving a pyramid might be hard to see through, a watchtower now...) just use a generic turret and let the game decide where it goes