Author Topic:   Question regarding spewing time on various weapons.
posted April 21, 2001 01:14 AM            
I recently checked out Skrandanon's mod pack and the Kasplatt mod pack, and noticed something odd. On both of them, the weapons that spewed multiple projectiles (plasma wave gun, FAE Missle, Cluster Missle, CM3K) had a bit of a delay every so often after hitting something. I checked the spewer ent files, and sure enough, the spew times were all set to random, with the base time being 1 second.

While I've already changed the .ents to my liking for my sp games (no delay between impact and spewing of the stuff), I was wondering if anybody knew why all these were left like that. I don't even know if the same person made all of these, so I don't know if it just happened to be an oversight.

Just curious...


posted April 21, 2001 12:26 PM            
I think it has to do with the "MaxSpewCount = " parameter. If you set it to more than one and have a spewtime of more than zero there will be a delay between each launching. To make more than one of the same projectile launch without a delay you can increase the amount of Iterations and leave MaxSpewCount at zero.

RandomTime = 1 for random spew time, 0 for regular spew time.

SpewTime = seconds between spew, or average random time between spew.

MaxSpewCount = number of entities to spew before removing self, default 0 (infinite).

Iterations = number of ents to spew each burst, default 1.

If the delay was intentional or not I don't really know I'll check them out though.

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