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posted March 08, 2001 02:26 PM            
I was reading in the general discussion forum a while back where people were brainstorming about how to propperly implement a referee (and a cameraman) for tourneys. could someone make a tank (steel w/ stripes or liquid with black and white checkers, dont know if that can be done) designed specifically as a ref/ photographer?

the main problem i saw with the various ideas such as loose a frag if you frag a ref is that with the homing weapons the ref could get in the way and get fragged completely by accident when it really cant be concidered the firing persons fault. this among other things such as caught in a nuke and so on.

this would have to be a combined effort between LDA and who ever else probably for an upcoming version but... how about a ref tank and a an oversized ref flag (maybe)? the real trick would be that the ref tank can not be selected as a target for homing weapons and also could not pick up weapons itself. this way you just plain cant frag the ref, hes already dead.

im not sure but i think the easiest way to do this would be to make the tank body a 1 piece model with the turret attached and then have the game concider it to be a destroyed tank with no turret model. the flag position would have to be moved from 0 to 3 i believe. can a tank begin a match "dead"?

aside from that the new tank should have extremely good handling with a very good top speed and accel. having a completely unfair souped up tank is part of the reason that it should not be capable of picking up weapons. the ref and photographer should be able to zip all over the map to get to where the action is without all of us having to worry about playing against someone online using the bad ass ref tank and fragging you all over the place!

i kno! design the tank as a big whistle with a zoom lense mounted on top! hehe, j/k

How concievable is any of this?

just a thought to plant some seeds of ideas in a few heads.

btw, LDA, how goes progress on the Entity Entry Key?

Let the rocks roll and the battle commence. BZ The RPG. Site is down at the moment... :(