Author Topic:   Improved mapping
posted March 03, 2001 07:54 PM         
I've updated my UnWrapper tool: http://www.geocities.com/uvmapper

I've made a huge improvement with the mapping. You can now selected individual
faces and apply a mapping to them. So if you had a model that had a box, sphere,
and a cylinder-shaped primitive, you can apply the appropriate mapping to each one
without affecting the rest. Or you can hide groups and apply mappings to only
the visible groups.

Couple differences from the last program is that now you have to select the
faces before you can apply a mapping, where last time, it mapped the entire
model and you didn't have to have anything selected. And you can't apply
mappings to individual vertices, only to faces, so if you see the mapping
options grayed out, you have to check the "Select by Face" or group option.

Some other things include a black and white checker texture you can use
if you don't have any background textures handy. You can use it to see if
there are any distortions in your mappings. Also added some basic move,
rotate, scale options in preview mode and some new expand, collapse features
in editor mode.


posted March 03, 2001 08:39 PM         
Oh, btw, can someone with a 32-bit display setting try to load a .jpg as
a background texture while in a 32-bit display mode? And then try the same
thing in a 16-bit display mode? If this causes an illegal operation, please
let me know.

I can fix it, but I am unable to test it.

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posted March 05, 2001 12:34 PM         
i'll try to test it out on 32-bit display & let you know...

hey Lithium - is there any way to have the model texture (UnWrapper's background) update in real-time, as the bitmap is being edited?

for example, i was wondering if UnWrapper's background could be linked to the pixels displayed on the screen, like the 512x512 pixels in the lower right corner of the screen?

you know what i'm getting at, right? being able to paint on the texture bitmap and be able to see the results right away...


posted March 05, 2001 02:49 PM         
I could possibly separate the two views, editor mode and preview mode, into their own
windows. If you have a large monitor, this would probably work out well. But, I'll
have to give it some thought to see if it will work ok. Thanks.


posted March 05, 2001 03:07 PM         
you're talking about splitting the UnWrapper window to see both views? that's an excellent idea, but not what i was asking about.

about allowing UnWrapper to show editor and preview - i suggest (if possible) to have the preview pop up in a totally new window . and to allow the user to be able to force it to stay on top of all other windows if they choose.

regarding my earlier question, i was wondering if UnWrapper could use a portion of the screen (outside of the UnWrapper program, like the lower right 512x512 pixels) to 'paint' the background, and thus the previewed model, in 'real-time' (or maybe refreshed every 1 second).

this would allow a user to zoom in to a section of the previewed model in UnWrapper, move the preview window to the upper left of the screen, open a paint program and move the paint program window such that the image occupies the lower right portion of the screen, paint on the image, and immediately see the results!

that would be very helpful, for instance, when painting the sides and top of a model to make sure that the texture is aligned properly.

anyway, just a thought... UnWrapper works excellent as it is!


posted March 05, 2001 04:37 PM         
On using a portion of the screen:
Is there a program out there that does something like this? Something I can
look at? I'm having a hard time understanding how it would work. The only
two ways I can think of at the moment in order to get a bitmap into my program
is either have the user load it manually by hand, or have the program poll
the system clipboard for a bitmap image, and if one exists, grab it and
replace it with the one that UnWrapper is using. This would require that
the graphics program have a copy to clipboard command or something like that.
But still, that would require the user to hit the copy to clipboard button
every time, and I think it is not that faster than saving it to file and
hitting the refresh button in UnWrapper. Maybe you need a special hotkey.

On split windows:
The main concern I see at the moment of trying to do something like that is
updating the 3D scene with the new texture coordinates. What it does now,
is that when you select preview mode, I calculate the texture coordinates
for the model only once, and update the scene. This is fast and efficient.

However, having two windows open, and editing the texture coordinates in one,
and watching the changes in the 3D scene requires that I update the scene
while a uv coordinate is being moved or that I update the scene after the
uv coordinate has finished moving. The first option would require continuous
update of the 3D scene, while the second option would require only one update
per move. The scene itself is stored in one huge vertex buffer, so in order to
update it, I would have to Lock, Update, and Unlock it. Locking is bad if you
have to do it a lot, so I would have to test it out to see if it brings down
performance a lot. And also, the larger the model, the longer the updates
would take, and that would also bring down performance.