Author Topic:   Racing strategy…go as fast as you can and never give up.
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People do not realize that in a race you …race. Matrix, Coax, and others who try to camp or do DM in a race always fail.

I remember one time Coax camp on top of small bluff between a gate with the mass driver. I just iced him and ran on by. Just today, Matrix was wondering what was my trick because I was always able to catch up and pass him.

There is none.

I go as fast as I can and never give up.

Bam, Teulk, and I have countless experiences where missiles are buzzing all around and we still are not hit. If you are hit, it typically pushes you forward. So you just keep on going.

Remember, you are flying down the track the other racers are also flying to catch up. You make mistakes in your driving; you stall, hit a gate, or tumble. They may seem minor but there is someone behind you that just gained 5 seconds because you fumbled, which might just put them in range to shot you.

I remember one time I was in the middle of the pack, a headless tank of Teulk just edged me out in a turn. Right then the race ended because someone crossed the finish line. Teulk got an extra point that I did not get. That simple cutoff happened in less than a second and made a difference.

Yes, racing is intense. That is why I am glad it only last between 1-4 minutes per race.

Then there is the Ring. This is pure speed. Everyone grabs a mite. If you don’t you will be lapped and the mite will finish 2 laps before your steel tank finishes the 1st lap. The lap time to beat is 40 second averaging 160-170 mph. At those speeds, one tiny mistake and you go flying out of the ring. I had to use 2 afterburners to just to tie Cybercannon’s time of 40 seconds.

There are no tricks and hardly any luck involved.

It takes practice to go sliding through those gates sideways.
Know which hill to jump over to place you between the gates.
How fast to break on ice.
How to race to the side of the track to avoid the mass driver behind you.

And most importantly…go as fast as you can and never give up.

Race Hard...Race Fair...See You at the Race Line


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