Author Topic:   Map Evaluation - DM Bearing Glacier
posted March 18, 2003 01:37 AM            
DM Bearing Glacier @godly settings; 3/17/2003 Grade: Single- Excellent Clan- Excellent

Single battle with 10 AI’s @ 100% intelligences no teams for 10 min.:
Total frag count for each game: 10, 12, and 19.
I had hard and exciting games. Love the sliding. Low frag count due to all the sliding.

Clan battle with 39 AI’s @ 100% intelligences 4 teams, 99 frag count, team score, team damage:
Times: 12:45, 13: 08, 13:22 all very excellent times.
The weapons to use are the ramdrill (fastest kill), wasps, flamer, plasma cannon (one shot kills) and missiles.
Rutting was well distributed and very drivable.
Spawn fragging: Impossible to do. It is just not possible to stay still.
Overall: Ahh…Sailor has one up the Cave map. This is the next test for all sliders and what a ride. Forget roller coasters, you will leave this map dizzy after one game.

Over view using TMapper:
Weapon/spawn points: Count 60, with good distribution…most points on hilltops and out at the map’s edge. I would saw that 1/3 of the weapon points are on slopes. Normally this would make spawn difficult but one is sliding so much that one is happy to land at all.
Battlefields: Possible 2 larger fields, but the flat one in the upper middle has 4 weapon points in the middle.

Map Improvements: Perfect as a roller coaster ride.

Best pic:
Read the red frag chat. I was fragged by my own cruise missile. I had jumped up in the air just as the missile was going to hit its intended target. I have never been hit in midair by my own cruise missile. LOL

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