Author Topic:   Battlefield Situation: The Devil Stealing the Cruise Missile from Paranor
posted June 02, 2002 12:22 PM            
The Situation: I am on the hillside flaming with no weapon and at the top of the ridge is Paranor busy unloading a ram drill at a weapon site to get the cruise missile above him…I throw caution to the wind and charge up the hill…am I a frag?

The Winning Outcome: Not this flame…I leapt over Paranor grab and launch the cruise in mid air. Falling to the other side and grabbing the closest weapon ready to attack.

Conclusion: Never get to busy to lose track of your radar. In fact, I have done this twice now to the amazement of the person losing the cruise. Taking chances is what makes the game exciting…and in the end…you learn something new…

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