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Weapon tactics for the Flower Power: These are just my observation…so please add or correct…thx

Intro comments: Highly overrated missile. If not for the big splash it would not be worth the effort to set up to launch. It is best to just launch quickly and grab the next weapon. If so inclined, follow the missile and cleanup all the flaming tanks after impact.

What is the Missile: Anti-nuke which creates a large hill on impact.

How many ammo to get a frag a 100% healthy tank: One, if it hit the tank on target, otherwise it is a flaming tank.

Rate of ammo discharge: 1 per launch with a reload time of 30 seconds

How to launch:
- OK to launch on the flat…if truly flat otherwise you will end up blow yourself up.
- Not necessary to launch at anyone…just launch in an open passage way. The anti-nuke will seek the nearest tank…hopefully not hitting a hillside.
- Best to launch pointing to the sky. The missile will then come down on the nearest tank from above not allowing it to escape. A small hole or sloped ground will be enough to get the tank in position to launch the missile skyward.
- Remember, the steeper the launch slope the steeper the attack angle. Thus it is possible to hit tanks that are on the opposite hillside of your location.
- If you want to make the effort…go to the nearest cliff or steep hillside above the melee masses and launch…it should take out most of the tanks.

How to escape:
- If fired at you on the horizontal, it is possible to dodge from left to right as the anti-nuke tries to catch you moving left to right. I have found that this only happens in mild hilly terrain where the anti-nuke bounces off the hills.
- If real close to a tank with an anti-nuke, charge the person firing the missile. They will often not have time to set up and miss fire and the missile will fly right by you. Now that it is launch at you, the missile will circle back at you from a high angle. It may be best to stay by the launching tank thus it will end up fragging both of you.
- Sometimes the player will refill the anti-nuke. This is a classic time to charge them. They will hopefully launch the first missile and miss you because they are in full retreat and not able to set up properly. But now they cannot fire for 30 seconds. This is enough time to frag them and take the other missile away from them.
- In ice playing fields where there is little friction it is possible to outrace a nuke. You will need a head start, but if you continue in a full retreat you can watch the anti-nuke nose for several seconds until it veers off for the nearest tank.
- Always listen for the distinctive sound…if heard it maybe possible to quickly jump off the hill or cliff to survive the incoming anti-nuke. If in the open spaces…start your prayers.

Interesting notes:
- Not an intelligent missile since it will go to the nearest tank even if it is on the other side of the hill, thus blowing up the hillside and not the tank.
- Sometimes if you shot the anti-nuke at a non-specific direction…the missile will simply disappear into the horizon.

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I always thought of it as a huge, guided Dirt ball myself Valid points... newbies heed!

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Yeah, I just love getting the sucker, backing up for the shot, taking it and KA-BLAM, dead in an instant--ooops, missed the little hill in front of me...same with the tactical nuke, I guess...lots of clearance needed for the initial firing..