Author Topic:   Weapon tactics for the Ram Drill
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Weapon tactics for the Ram Drill: These are just my observation…so please add or correct…thx

Intro comments: Highly underrated weapon. It has the highest possible frags of any weapon with a min of 13 to a max of 26 for a full load. And it is the most efficient weapon with a rate of a frag per ½ second.

What is the weapon: Diamond tip drill with 80 ammo. Best used in close melee attacks.

How many ammo to get a frag a 100% healthy tank: From as little as 3 to a max of 6.

Rate of ammo discharge: 0.1125 sec per ammo

How to attack:
- Best used in the pond where it can not be seen under water and lots of tanks for quick kills
- Come from behind on tanks that are engaged with each other…typically taking out both tanks in head on rush.
- If ram drill to ram drill, let other tank rush you…you stay to the left and do a clockwise sliding swipe as the tank passes…often times fragging in one swipe. This also works for any tank rushing you…fall to the left…swipe clockwise.

How to escape:
- Stay to the left of the incoming ram drill…if need be circle clockwise.
- If no weapon/missile, just retreat, falling straight back and fire the 120MM gun

Interesting notes:
- Since only the tip can damage…it is possible to have a tank fully against yours and the tip sticking out the other side of the tank and no damage is occurring to the tank engaged.


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This is the weapon to have in a clan battle...since most to the tanks are flaming just a touch of the ram drill will get the frag...I have start to pick this weapon up more often and the results are cool...best to just charge a group of tanks and flail away...


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Thank you 666!

I thought I was the only one who was desperately in love with that beautiful diamond-tipped weapon.

However, I didn't ever think of using strategy...I just always did a head-on rush type of attack.

Thank you for the 'tips'...perhaps we'll meet online sometime.



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"I thought I was the only one who was desperately in love with that beautiful diamond-tipped weapon."


You think dEVIL has mojo envy now? Pfft. Let me use the drill and watch him turn green!


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I see Ras...you are infected with the Pfft syndrome...I hope there is a cure or you might turn into a golden ant...


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From spider to Gold Ant in 4.2 seconds.

Tread Marks Ladders


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i have been "knife-fighting" with the ramdrill to frightening effect since late in '99 - present. i love it. i recently killed superunknown with the "happy-bit" whilst we were both flying through the air above a 4 tank melee... too bad it happened way too fast for a screen shot.

i would be all too happy to give lessons...

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I love Dirtballs and Mass Drivers the most. The Mass Drivers useful tactics :
It has lots of splash, so tanks really get flying away, and if you make them fly enough you can nail em again when they get in your range. They also do quite a bit of damage to make up for its slow reload. Also, you can use these babies to snipe, and they come with their own pointer .

Dirtballs are my second fav.
It has lots of splash, and direct hits cause tanks to end up on their backs or tops, so you can nail em again while they are still frantically trying to get back on their treads, mwahahahah! Those are probably the two best projectile weapons, not counting the deadly nukes .

Both are very effective against ramdrills.

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