Author Topic:   More Turret Strategies
posted September 28, 2001 12:07 PM            
I just read the post below about the turret. Some people don't turn it. I think that's a huge disadvantage.
I set up the game so my view follows the turret (press m to toggle between turret and straight ahead). This allows better aiming and "circle strafing" where you circle the bad guy and pelt him with your gun until done.
But my favorite new discovery is MOUSE LOOK mode. While driving along, press the right mouse button and you can "quick-look" all around. Your turret stays locked wherever it was.
You can see over low hills. You can see down cliffs when you are hanging over the edge trying to aim. You can see behind you to dodge shots.
And you can still steer and shoot. It's also very handy when you are smoking and can't see well. Just mouse-look, rock your view up a bit, and you can see tanks ahead of you. Very handy with the mass driver aiming laser.

On the other hand maybe everybody already knows all this and that's why my ass is smoking so much all the time!


posted September 28, 2001 06:41 PM            
I'm one of those that doesn't turn the turret. Two reasons: 1) It takes some practice to drive in one direction and look another and I'm too lazy to learn. 2) I have my right mouse button pressed nearly 100% percent of the time. For me, the default angle at which you view the tank is way too low. Especially when you're on fire. With that right mouse button depressed all the time, I can't turn the turret anyway.

So my question is: Is there a way to adjust the default angle at which the "camera" follows the tank higher? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS. That would free me up to turn the turret. Like you say Throck, it's a disadvantage. I've watched some of the better players use the turret to extreme advantage from time to time.


posted September 29, 2001 12:18 AM            
theres a couple different ways. changing the camera follows tank/ terrain options in the misc area can do it. personally i agree w/ you and hit caps lock to activate mouselook (tho scroll lock is a better button to use) and then click the camera angle up a couple notches w/ the camera up key.

takes some playing around to get the new view settings figured out to make them playable.

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Well, I can tell you what I did to start using the turret.

I had the same problem, I kept playing with the right mouse button held down. But Par and Rex told me I should probably use the turret more because you cannot turn around fast enough if someone is behind you especially if you don't have enough speed to power slide. They proved this to me time and time again (ouch). So I found myself ducking over hills just to turn around, but sometimes there *is* no hill.

I tried using the turret, but the same thing would happen, I would by habit go back to free-look, especially when on fire. I still do use free-look when on fire because the turret usually won't turn anyway. It wasn't till I switched the camera pitch to 'none' that I started using the turret.

With it set to 'none', when you jump a hill you *can* see where you are going to land and start pointing the turret at the bad guy. If it is set to 'follow tank' you are looking straight up in the air waiting to land. And if it is on 'follow terrain' there is no telling where your looking.

There is one disavantage. When going up or down a cliff wall you have to use free-look or you keep looking ahead. But that's why it was easier for me to use this method, because I learned using free-look. So this way you use a combination of both.

Believe me Iras, I would *never* try to tell an experienced player how to do anything. I am just telling how I overcame it. But I have not been playing as long so it was probably easier for me to change over.


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No prob, I want to be told. Every man is my superior in some way (too many ways sometimes ).


guido 1
posted September 29, 2001 07:33 PM         
instead of worrying about looking all over i just check the radar for bad guy's , turn and look , engage or not depending on weapon , health , etc. turning the turret to 90 degrees when circling anear the bottom of a large crater or depression , with the right weapon could have advantages . fun...guido the mercy killer . i ordered the full version aill get it soon depends on manufacturer resupply to j & r .....99(end run)


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...best check another site....

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