Author Topic:   CTF AI Play
Random Chaos LDA
posted January 08, 2001 11:22 AM            
When playing against the AI it never defends it's base nor your base. It does fairly well otherwise (especially if you set it on a high skill level) but still can get stuck in troughs.

If you are playing without modified weapons, I'd recommend staying and defending your base. Note though that all AI tanks will rush you so you've gotta be able to take on 3 or more AI's and win. Let your own team's AI's deal with getting the enemy flag - after all that's all they can do . You'll occasionally want the thril of getting if youself though.

If you're playing on a modified server with weapons that make trenches, spires, or hills here is what to do against the AI (won't work against Humans): Make ridges and troughs arround your flag with the only real, unobstructed way in at the rear. The AI will get hung up on them and be unable to quickly reach your flag. Then go run and grab the enemy flag, they all start chasing you... But they are still stuck in that ridge/trough area! It will take them several minutes to get our. You run back to base - by the time you hit it they will have extricated themselves. Use you back door to get in. Note: Capturing the flag kills all enemies. No reason to waste ammo killing them. A dirt ball or mass driver is ideal for flag returning - all you need to do is make sure the enemy isn't near enough to kill you and you will kill them once you get home

Some of what's written above (the way to get home) will work with Humans - but it's hard to get a Human caught in a trough...

Remember though - all your AI pals will attack the enemies on the way home...take advantage of their sudden bloodlust to spin your way through...since all enemy AIs are trying to hunt you down...