Author Topic:   As I'm the one who designed this weapon, who better to say how to use it?
posted December 07, 2000 02:18 PM            
The plasma storm, if you use it like a flamer you'll never get a good number of kills, there are tactics for it.
Number on, try to chose a target far away, with few hills. (Dosn't matter much really, if you kan see the tank you can hit it).
next get your tank lined up pretty well right at it, if possible, with the gun pointing up slightly, fire in two shot burst. At a far enugh distance, you won't appear to be a threat on his/her radar, and the never hear the shot fire. If your first shot hits, most likly so will your second. (UNLESS the target goes flying, in which case, wait untill you see him again before you fire. remember, two shots to kill. It was designed for long range kills, not close combat. if you do wind up in close range, fire more rapidly.

Have fun!