Author Topic:   Proper conc usage
posted December 07, 2000 11:34 AM            
The Concussion missle may be TM's most underestimated weapon. Even though it has a decent rate of fire, the key to using it is to fire your shots one at a time, making sure they are going to be hits. Remember that once you hit your target, they're going to go flying, and it'll be hard to hit them again until they land. Also, aim for the rear - the amount of extra damage is well worth the effort.

If you don't have time to aim, then fire in short, two or three shot bursts, and aim each shot a little differently. This way, one of the missles will likely hit your target, sending him flying, and giving you a chance to aim your next shot carefully.

Another thing concs are great for is preventing powerup pickups. Fire one missle (or two if you aren't sure of your aim) at an enemy who is approaching a powerup. In all likelyhood, they will keep trying to get the powerup, giving you an easy kill.

The place where the conc is at it's deadliest is in water. In water, the concussion effect is dampened a lot, so you can pump the missles out a lot faster (full auto even if you aim well)

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