Author Topic:   Heavy Flamer attack strat:
Random Chaos LDA
posted December 07, 2000 11:16 AM            
I've found the best way to use the heavy flamer is NEVER a frontal assault. If you want to attack a tank in front of you aim for about two tanks' width off to one side. Then when you are almost in range start spinning toward the target (let go of acceleration and let your tank skid )

Begin firing your Flamer just as your tank gets to the right angle to hit the enemy...and follow it up with sustained burst until the target is dead. This strat works almost always no matter what the weapon the enemy has - it takes them too long to either turn their turret or tank to hit you...they are already dead by then. Since you seem to be heading strait at them fire a few long range flamer blasts (1-3 shots) to make them think you're going after a frontal assult to keep them from realizing your true tactic

--Random Chaos