Author Topic:   New DMF Competition!
posted March 29, 2002 11:09 AM         
i dunno if Matrix already advertized on LDA's BBS, but this looks fun! (p.s. don't forget to register in the DMF to enter!)
(from Matrix's Deathmatch Federation):

DMF Competition Two - Launched - Can you stand the pressure

Ok folks, this competition is split in 2 parts, you may only enter one part.

Part ONE is simple, who can model this akira bike best.

The whole thing should be no more than 700 polys. The model must include the skin and the turret must be fixed position above the front wheel and under the wind-sheild embedded into the bik itself, sticking out like a little machine gun.

All sounds should be included along with cusotm smoke, a gravity element to add weight and weather or not you include a rider is upto you

Part TWO is for all the folks out there that cant 3d model but want to take part.

A Map Compteion for the Akira Bikes to play on. Again the closing date is the same. To enter your map it shoud include the following:

- Brand new anime style Skybox
- Innovative map design suited to bike battle action
- Custom gravity / friction settings
- Brand New ground texture
- Innovative use of the water table
- Set areas for regroup and refuel / armour / ammo
- At least 2 Jump ramps

CLOSNG DATE : Saturday 20th April 2002

2 People will walk away with the titles :


Will it be you ?

This competition is only open to members of the Deathmatch Federation.

To Enter this competition : -SIGN UP HERE- Please tell us which part you are entering.

Best of luck