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posted December 15, 2004 07:58 PM            
I love this game, not able to play enough though. Much better than Tanarus, the only thing I miss is the rank increases and the way you could steer a missle via cam into some poor unsuspecting victim ..

Other than that wow, great game! I am trying to get a dedicated server going,
(without that darn iceworld or peaks)... working on that now. Have met many polite and interesting people, (and fragged em.. though I'm the one getting fragged mostly lol) lots to learn I guess.

This message isn't made to just compliment the game and players.. but I do have two questions..
one.. just to make sure.. when/if I change my flag insignia to something I make.. it doesn't appear to others unless they have it in their puter .. right? I imagine not. Same with a modified tank. it has to be in both programs. hence all the mods.

The other question. .. in Tanarus... used to have a group/clan called ^Vet^.. consisting of any current of prior service Marines (Oorah!) or Army, Navy, AirForce etc.. ... anything like that here? anyone interested in
starting one?

Great people. . great fun. See you on the battlefield.


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posted December 16, 2004 04:05 AM            
hello welcome to the forum lessee to answer yer Qs; the new (insert appropriate item here) needs to be on a minimum of two comp.s(for multiplayer) yours and the server(also on anyone eleses box), the game does not suport downloads as does quake2(an exception to this are server side mods)custom flags are one item that can really bog down a server. so if you have a really neato flag that you would like to share...you'll have to get in touch with the 'keeper of the master flag pak'(666 iirc). server side mods are the one bit that the game will d/l to you(not the other way) they use only what is availible in the stock game (aside from some text files). if you try to log on to a server and see 'synching ents' thats whats happening. normally server ops will mention whether or not you need a mod pak.
as fer a vets clan...well a goodly number of us are ex-military so it might get kinda lopsided in the 'clan wars' hth


posted December 16, 2004 09:43 AM            
We have played enough times now, I hope you remember me
Well I guess Rex R already answered your questions (good, now I don't have to "come up" with something
I'm glad you like this game, some of us really, really like it
You may want to stick around before trying to create a new clan, just so you get to know people. The last attempt to make one was by me and happily (more like luckily) we gather 5 cool people!. (One of our guys it's an x-navy pilot, so you better leave him alone! he's mine!!! mine I tell ya!
All clans are cool to join, you may want look around and see if one fits your expectations (as you know I belong in the >CAT<CLAN) You are welcome to talk (send me an e-mail) if you want more info
YOU shoulda posted in the GENERAL DISCUSSION forum... people don't come around here much! but anyways: WELCOME!



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where am i? oh...general! Hi welcome and long may you stay!