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i recently went on a tech call for a family friend, and found a new tool to use in troubleshooting and in eradicating spyware from a computer. so i thought i would share this with my fellow treadmarkians...

for the longest time, i have avoided using the NTFS file system that comes with NT4, windows2000, and windowsXP, simply because i did not have any method for simple disaster recovery. by this, i mean, i did not know of any method to simply boot the computer from a floppy in case i ever needed to delete some files due to spyware or virus infestation, on an NTFS formatted hard drive. i did not even know of any bootable cdrom's that allowed me to do this. there are lots of live linux cd's, but one can only read, write, and delete files on FAT32 hard drives with linux. with NTFS formatted hard drives, linux can only read files from them, linux can not "reliably" write to and delete files on NTFS formatted hard drives; in fact, one is cautioned that writing to an NTFS hard drive with linux can actually destroy all of your data on that hard drive. linux, once again though, handles FAT32 with ease and accuracy.

anyway... i found a way to do this now. since it is not well known, i thought i would mention it.

using the Bart's PE builder program, one can create a bootable live windows CD.

the home page for Bart's PE is here

by using the PEbuilder program on an XP computer, and by following the instructions,
- one can create an ISO file,
- which you then burn to a CDR.
- this CDR can now be used to boot any windows computer in order to perform troubleshooting or spyware eradication.
- the computer's BIOS needs to be able to boot from a cdrom drive.
- in the computer's BIOS, set this boot order : floppy, cdrom, hard drive.

it includes the A43 file manager, so you can easily browse your hard drive. since it is based on XP, Bart's PE easily handles FAT32 and NTFS hard drives. it's pretty cool and very simple to use. Bart's PE can also set up networking, if you have a LAN. since Bart's PE found and installed my network card, i was able to setup networking, and i was able to browse my LAN at home and transfer files to and from the computer that was running Bart's PE ( it is also helpful to use the correct workgroup name ).

hope this is helpful to someone.

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Here is another one, the ultimate boot cd. It includes barts pe.

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if i am reading the UBCD, ultimate boot cd, correctly, it only includes Bart's network boot disk and Bart's CD boot disk, which are both just DOS boot disks.

Bart's PE is a full graphical windowed interface with capablities of writing to NTFS, and deletinig from NTFS.

i tried the UBCD on that computer, and i did not find any utility on it, that allowed me to write to and delete from an NTFS hard drive. i could be wrong, but i did not see anything on the UBCD that worked with NTFS, only read only access.