Author Topic:   False spam listing on SPEWS prevents responding to tech support
posted May 25, 2004 11:04 AM            
We've recently be made aware that our ISP (Cogent) has been listed as a spam supporter on a spam block list called SPEWS. Cogent was providing bandwidth for a known spammer but I am told has since cut off service. Unfortunately, SPEWS has irresponsibly listed large blocks of Cogent ip addresses that happen to include ours. Furthermore, spews is an automated system and their only advise to companies in our situation is to wait it out.

I just wanted to post this information because it has on a number of occasions now, prevented us from responding to tech support and other e-mails. As always we do try to respond to e-mails promptly so if you do not get a response within a couple of days please try alternative methods such as a different e-mail account, this forum or our toll free number 1-866-883-3395 (Canada and US).


PS: Softhome.net is a recent example of an ISP to which we can't respond