Author Topic:   Harmless Question about your site
posted October 17, 2003 05:35 AM            
I have your site linked from coaxs.net . But, I was wondering if that page has absolutely all the downloads you have available for Tread Marks. I've sort of remembered seeing some of your files not linked from that main page, I may be wrong though.


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yikes, i never noticed this forum before.
if my bro had not sent me the link, i never would have seen this. so my apologies to anyone if i missed any other posts here.

so you want me to be organized?!?

oh... i have such a loose sense of connectiveness...

first, i started out with just a collection of the TM movies, since TM Central went down.
i also added the web albums of the master flag pack and the 85weapons primer here.


but i only have 500MB of space there, and i am short on room there.

then i took over hosting the mod maps.
so i just started an organization based on just the maps here.


but then something happened to elitehunters, so i added the weapons and tanks they had... so i threw up a more comprehensive index here.


then i went through my hard drive and noticed that a few weapons and tanks were not listed in the above download... instead of taking the time to figure out how to add them in to what i had already, i took the easy way out and just created a new list that had everything in it.. this also includes the TMmapper program and other programs used for modding. this is also where i added the mod maps VED file web galleries.



but i did not link the 2 of them together.
just say lazy lazy lazy and glare at me.

also, between TM downloads and my older selection of winders downloads i have on the tbhccs.com web host,


i've used up about two thirds of my 1GB limit there, so i put all the new listing and stuff on the hallsted.us web host... and i'm about half way through my 500MB limit there.

my bro 666 and the gold ants also needed to have there own little space on the glorious www, so i set them up here


which has a link to the "true" gold ant website here


but i left the original page there since it shows up when you google treadmarks. the race ladder is also here.


they have used up only about 80MB of the 250MB limit i have there, so they should be fine for quite awhile.

well.... it's much easier to keep adding than it is to do any form of organizing.... glare all you want... my laziness will protect me

only kidding, i think that just about does it. i'll edit this if i think of anything to add. it also spreads out any bandwidth issues i might have.... which i have none... but it is good for rationalization.

and i don't mind in the least bit. when i had money, i got me a bunch of domain names and web hosts, and TM has given me a use for them all, otherwise, they just would have gone to waste.


may peace doggedly
follow you.


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check e-mail

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