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Anyone know how to make the start menu cascade and branch out(like win95) instead of having one long column(win98 default)?I had it fixed like that but I just had to wipe my hd and now I can't find out how to do it again.It annoys me to have to scroll down a long menu to open up something at the bottom.I install lots of programs and it dosen't take long to fill up my start menu.I remeber you had the edit the start menu in the registry but I don't rem what to do.Thanks


Random Chaos
posted June 04, 2002 10:34 AM            

Just go play here: <drive>:\Windows\Start Menu

Then just play arround...


=DNX= Matrix
posted June 04, 2002 10:46 AM            
I tend to make my own foldernames (graphicsm sound, video) etc and just cut/paste the direct program links into them - then i put the mAIN FOLDER LINKS INTO A FASTER FOLDER AT THE TOP OF THE START MENU, THIS WAY I CAN INSTALL GIGS ON TOP OF GIGS WHILE ONLY HAVING A START MENU THATS 5 OR 8 ITEMS HIGH

sry 4 the caps - Fat Finger Syndrome....

I make my sub folders and branches that ay - you can also do it in the rgistery, but if youre not happy playing around in there do it the way i just said - if ur unclear, grab me on icq one night and ill take u thru it.


Random Chaos
posted June 04, 2002 04:30 PM            
Mine is set up as follows:
(note: Under WinME/2000 and higher shortcuts to folders are expanded, and I have made extensive use of this)


  • Network
    • Network Toolbar folder (see toolbars below)
    • App Folders
  • Games
    • All game subfolders except TM
  • Tread Marks
    • All editing apps
    • Main TM executable
    • Main TM folder structure directory
    • Main TM map making folder directory
  • Graphics
    • Various common graphics apps
    • Specific apps folders
  • Tools
    • System tools
    • Drivers, etc
    • Other tools
    • Goto toolbar (see toolbars below)
  • TV Tuner
  • Common Apps
    • Common Apps toolbar (see toolbars below)
    • Common Graphics Apps toolbar (again...)
    • Common Games toolbar (again...)
    • Common Tools toolbar (again...)
    • A few extra expanding dirs of commonly used suite packages (ie Corel Word Perfect Suite)
  • Link to Command/CMD window
  • Programs (default Start Menu thing)
    • Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere and all required stuff...

    What I have done is made toolbars for the TOP and BOTTOM of my screen. My StartMenu is placed at the right. All are AutoExpanding and AlwaysOnTop. To make these toolbars you just drag any existing toolbar to another part of the screen (ie, the default one with IE in next to your StartMenu button).

  • At the TOP (left to right):
    • Goto: Contains links to all drives and a few major folders
    • Network: All networking apps (mostly those commonly used though)
    • Tools: Clipboard, PKZip, DVD Player, etc
    • CD Burning: CD Buring apps

  • At the BOTTOM (left to right):
    • Common Apps: Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Text Editors, CAD, etc
    • Graphics: Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop, Terragen, etc
    • Games: Self explanitory - only the most used ones though...

    When in startmenu I say see below about the toolbars, its becuase using the WinME/2000 system of shortcut folder expansion, I actually have a shortcut to these toolbar folders!

    WARNING: On WinME/2000 with shortcut expansion, SOME directories can result in a crashed system if you open them this way (espeically some internal dirs to the Windows directory). As a precaution, don't link your entire C drive...then you won't accidentally open one of these bad dirs - I found out the hard way when I crashed windows .

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  • BamZipPow
    posted June 04, 2002 06:15 PM            

    The easiest way to get what you want that I found was to use Xteq X-Setup.

    You'll find the option for multiple columns under Appearance, Start Menu, Options, Show Start->Programs with Multiple Columns.

    It does a bunch of other things besides that but I'll let you find out for yourself.

    Looks like you'll might need to get the 6.2 beta as they found out their original way didn't always work. http://forums.delphiforums.com/xsetup/messages/?msg=885.1

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    I found it.Here it is for anyone interested.


    posted June 06, 2002 09:23 AM            
    Word! Thx, Supes .