Author Topic:   Here's something neat I just invented...
posted May 11, 2002 04:57 PM            
Had a problem with the washer drain clogging up with the lint being passed down the drain. Looked at some of the other solutions on the market that hooks up to the end of the pipe that were made of metal mesh. Kinda pricey IMO and figured it would eventually rust out.

Enter some ingenuity! I had some leftover nylon window screen material and made my own lint catcher for free! I stapled it together (I know they will eventually rust out) so I can take it apart to clean the lint buildup after about 20-30 washings and tied it off at the end of the hose.

You could probably get some screening material from your local hardware store for free as scrap. Depending on your setup (I have a utility sink that it drains into) you should have at least 4" of material past the end of the hose. You can have your lint screen stitched together with some nylon thread (cotton might break down too early) instead of stapling it. You could probably make a few and just discard them as they start losing their efficiency due to too much lint instead of cleaning them out. This will help reduce the amount of lint buildup that could be slowly reducing the efficiency of your washer drain. Have you priced out the cost of getting your drain cleaned out lately?

Not bad for free, eh? Just my idea to make your life a bit easier... [ ]


posted May 12, 2002 10:45 AM            
hahahaa ingeniouse! =D