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posted April 07, 2002 05:22 PM            
Well, I made the rounds today of the electronics stores (lookin for a deal as usual). When what to my wandering eye should appear, A 50 inch plasma monitor! I'm in love. lol! I may have to take my tm cd down to the store and ask the guy to let me test it out. And all for the low, low price of 5,800 dollars. I am still drooling. darn thing looks like a wide screen digital tv. matter of fact it's wider than my desk.

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posted April 07, 2002 09:42 PM            
personally id be looking more at this baby :

61" of pure gaming goodness

Product Features: 61" diagonal Digital High-Definition Projection TV

Digital Video Resolution (1400H x 1080V)

High-Definition Optical System
- Custom-Designed 5-Element Digital Lens System with Color Correction
- High-Grain Dark-Tint Screen -- 25% Improved Brightness

INTELLIFOCUS™ Auto Convergence

3D Y/C Digital Frame Comb Filter

Advanced Twin Tuner™ Picture-In-Picture (NTSC Only)

SYNCROSCAN™ HD Component Video Inputs

SRS(•) Focus Audio Technology

Optical Output Dolby Digital Audio

Or even better :

65 Inches for ya

Movie lovers, your television has arrived! Toshiba's new 65-inch TheaterWide® HDTV-ready Projection TV delivers a powerful widescreen (16:9) picture that looks just like the local cineplex. And, Toshiba's renowned engineering expertise guarantees vivid, true-to-life video and audio. The TW65X81 is perfect for letterboxed DVDs, VHS tapes and satellite broadcasts, eliminating the black bars that appear on the top and bottom of the screen. And the widescreen knockout is ready for the future of Digital TV with its ColorStream Pro® and DTV Interface terminals.
The TW65X81 Includes all the Toshiba Standard TheaterWide® HD Projection Television Features Plus:

HDTV-Ready (1080i)
PowerFocus™ Six Element Lens System

High Output PowerFocus™ HD CRTs with Dynamic Quadruple Focus

TheaterBright™ HD Screen with SLD
Built-In High Contrast TheaterShield™ Plus

First Surface Mirror
Multi-Linear Digital Focus

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yeah, thats about the size of th screen.


NEC Raises the Standards of Resolution
A critical reason for the outstanding image quality found in the new
PlasmaSync model is the fact that it incorporates the highest native
resolution 50-inch plasma display panel (PDP) available in the
industry. With a resolution of 1365 x 768, the PlasmaSync 5000W is
the only 50-inch gas plasma monitor in the world with more than one
million pixels of resolution, which is regarded as necessary for true
reproduction of all of today's High Definition video standards

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posted April 08, 2002 12:40 AM            
My eyes are so freaked out i dont think they can tell the difference anymore lol - ill stick with the 65 incher