Author Topic:   Food
posted March 19, 2002 11:38 AM            
is good!

Feck It... Light Speed


posted March 19, 2002 11:42 AM            
Bloke at counter:"welcome to your locan kwiki mart sir...how may i help you?"
NI: hey ..uhm..could i have a can of coke, some of those weeners, bag of pop corn ...ye those at the bak.....HEY THERE 4 BUKS THATS EXTORTION...THERE ONLY 3:99 AT BLOKBUSTER!!...ahem nevermind tho ..uhm a bottle of some french liqure , and your largest fattest hugest can of spam in store please"
Bloke at counter:i can do none of that but the spam sir
NI:aww nevermind then ill just take the spam

Grind n' Click , Lock n' Load


posted March 19, 2002 11:53 AM            
* in walks Grind completely randomly*

Ni: Hey man

Grind: Hey Guy, what u got there?

Ni:Spam a couple of days out of date and only 20p! Gotta restock the spam supplies in Blockbuster witht he fantastic bundle deal of spam and spam at 2.49 with your free rental with a freep acket of spam.

Grind: Can I have some?

Ni: No! It was OFP or Spam...you made your choice and youll live by it.

Grind: awrite dude...I'll swap you..the game for 4 lbs of spam.

Ni: What about the spam?

Grind: The spam too

*in walks guido in spam suit*