Author Topic:   Just a nudge
posted October 27, 2001 10:29 PM            
I know everyone is busy and time is the one thing we don't have too much of. When you have a chance take 20 minutes and go around and hit all the TM community websites. I wont list them all but some of these ppl put alot of hard work into them to make them better and to keep them updated. You do not have to hit them everyday, a couple times a week is cool and if they happen to have a message board feel free to post something.
Even if it is criticism, i'm sure it will be appreciated. LDA has updated their links on the TM homepage, if you have not noticed.

Anyways, I know it is asking alot. Please take 20-30 minutes out from your busy Schedule and make the rounds. If you make something new, send the news to someone to post online so they can get the word out. they may even host your work. Post that message on everyones board, instead of just one.

I try to hit most of the sites that have bb's on a daily basis. Some of the others are not updated that often, so once a week is cool. Seems to me it is just common courtesy.

In closing, you can post anything that you want (within reason). Be it a funny story or a cool pic, whatever. Seems that some pplz only post when they have a problem that they need help with.

enough, enough

No spam pleez, I'm serious damnit!
(except you Dudy)



posted October 27, 2001 11:52 PM            
lol on the spam part ther kong and anyways i cheak all the TM sites / bb's its kinda fun (yes i admitt to it i dont have a life )

KameHaMeHa boom!!! you all are gone hehe