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posted April 20, 2001 07:29 PM            
You sound very busy for a 17 year old, i was taking a look at your site. I saw you like Physics and Math. I'm a Junior at an American University and I am quite versed in Mathematics and Physics although my passion is synthetic chemistry. I've lead study groups in Calculus, and my lowest grade in a Physics class is an A+. So if you want to ever talk or need help with something let me know.

Physics: class.mech./E&M - Modern Physics
Mathematics: Algebra - Differnetial Equations


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posted April 21, 2001 10:39 AM            
Haha! I find my web-site very embarassing!
Oh.. and sorry about the rather patronising response to your RAM post!
Anyway, I'm posting a new query on rigid body stuff. Maybe you could help? It will be in the 'programming' section.

Cheers, Michael.

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