Author Topic:   i'm real bored. anybody got any tips on c++?
posted August 09, 2002 11:48 PM            
i'm bored. cant sleep. scool's about to start. anybodt got any tips for a beginning c++ programmer? i would also apprieciate tips for directx programming with c++.
oh, did i mention that i suck at programming [this is the part where i'm encouraged to tyr harder].


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posted August 21, 2002 11:46 AM            
Get a good reference book. I don't recommend tutorial-type books because a) they often will teach you bad habits, b) because they're often boring, and c) because it's difficult to look up a specific topic in them.

Also, it's difficult for anyone to teach you how to program because it really depends on your thought process. It's always best to teach yourself, IMO. (Unfortunately, saying you taught yourself doesn't really work on a resume, or I'd have a nice well-paying job by now )

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