Author Topic:   Delaunay triangulation for terrain?
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posted April 19, 2001 03:09 PM            
This is my first post here so hello!
I was thinking about terrain recently. I want to make a fast arcade style racing game. I have in mind a restricted track (ie. you can't drive off-road), so there only needs to be high tesselation near the track. Also the majority of the track will be occluded by terrain from any one point on the track.
I had a look at some stuff on Delaunay triangulation. It basically takes a set of arbitrary points in a plane, and generates a mesh. I think this is how most static terrain code works (either that or edge collapses).
I think that static terrain would suit me better than say ROAM, since new hardware seems to be well suited to handling massive batches of polys. When I wrote some ROAM code, the tesselation took about 40% of the time and the rendering took about 50% of the time. For a densly occluded track, pre-computed geometry might be faster, as it would cut the tesselation, and the rendering load wouldn't be too bad.
I'd be interested to hear if people agree or disagree, and if anybody has tried anything similar.
Thanks in advance, Michael.