Author Topic:   Getting into the scene?
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posted March 29, 2001 02:22 PM            
I'm getting into this C++ stuff quite a lot now. Especially since I've began studying it at university.

Now that I've made up my mind that I want to hone my c++ skills into the 3D Game development field (nothing too extravagant mind you!) I wanted to know if there are any wonderful and spectacular books or such, from which I can learn all about programming with DirectX / Opengl etc..

I've got quite a good knowledge of c++ now, but am always willing to learn more!

Let me know if you know of anything that'll help me along the way.

All those games that you guys make are really cool, and they're just the sorta stuff that I wanna be coding myself!

-Thanks a lot,
-Andy 'Hotdog'


posted March 29, 2001 10:46 PM         
Here's a nice C/C++ book I bought that's for beginners to intermediate:
Object-Oriented Programming in C++, 3rd edition, Robert Lafore, The Waite Group

Even though it was required for an Advanced C++ programming course I took
recently, I still kept it afterwards. I think it is a very well-written

I just basically downloaded the SDKs from: www.microsoft.com/directx

And learned it from the help files and SDK examples.

This is another download and learn the API: www.opengl.org

Read some FAQs, search for the something called the Blue Book, etc..
Some beginner tutorials: http://nehe.gamedev.net/opengl.asp


posted March 29, 2001 10:52 PM         
Almost forgot, get a C/C++ good compiler, like MSVC++ 6.0.
The professional edition cost me something like $300 bucks, but it
was worth it.


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posted March 30, 2001 04:22 AM            
Most compilers are available as educational disount licenses - at least the MS one even has no distribution restrictions, afaik.


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posted March 31, 2001 08:02 AM            
Thanks for your helpful replies guys,

I thought I should have mentioned this before, but I have been learning c++ from a book for some time now. It's the Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days (3rd Edition).

This books goes right up to Polymorphism, Classes, exception handling, streams etc etc.. (you've heard it all before and pre-defined-macros / header stuff and all that goes with it.

Now, just saying that I know all of the stuff from that book like the back of my hand, do you think I'd be able to handle learning directly from the SDK templates and tutorials? Or would I really need to study up on extra programming techniques. I can handle all of the 3D graphical terms, because I do a lot of work in 3D graphics packages anyways (3dsmax etc..)

If you could drop a reply and let me know what you think, I'd appreciate it very mooch