Author Topic:   Landscape Terrain Engines
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posted July 18, 2000 10:22 PM            
I've been looking around at the current crop of landscape engines and non of them are really focused on what I want to do (or they are slow or look ugly). So of course like a doe in a cars headlights I decided that I should just code by own. (Besides it'd be cool ...)

Frankly, nothing in the game I'm producing has scared me as much as considering doing my own graphics engine. So I've a few questions for anyone who may know better than me.

- Is it all really that hard? I mean I'm pretty impressed with some of my other code and am feeling increasing more confident by the day. I, however am sadly lacking in mathematical skills. Basically high school was 10 years ago, and though I'm smart I remember almost nothing of it.

-My plans are for an outdoors terrain engine that treats both the hilly terrain and buildings the same way when it comes to visibility culling. So a flat wall should block the hill behind it. My vague idea is to use a combination of a polygon and raytracing engine. The raytracing would determine what is visible and what is not. I was planning on using the DDG toolkit as my guide with portions of flightgear as inspiration.

I've read the Filpcode tutorial and have read some other basic data on voxel engines, which I think would be the best choice for vis culling. For polygon drawing I was going to use opengl.

Does anyone have and information or link they think I should know about before embarking? My goal is to have high terrain + structure integration with an unlimited viewable distance (or at least not a typical fog out, cop out). What things should I know well before hitting the keyboard? Should I develop a bunch of small test apps , if so what should they do? I'm still trying to understand what the important consideration are. I want to do this the right way...

Many thanks.

Chris 'gimp' Brodie