Author Topic:   Stupid Question about Terrain Measurement
posted May 25, 2000 10:41 PM            
I think I know this if its what I'm thinking.. but I'm not sure so I'll look dumb and ask When various terrain rendering implementations I've seen have been discussed, I notice everyone talks about what their implementation can do in meter measurements. Im guessing as far as the terrain mesh is concerned when they say 1 pixel per meter that they mean 1 pixel in the heightmap represents 1 meter in world coords.. which would be arbitrary depending on what you set a meter equal to in 3d units. I also see this mentioned when discussing textures. For example 8 textels per meter... I'm guessing this is saying that an equilivent of an 8x8 texture is being stretched across 1 meter.. someone please set me straight if I'm seeing this all wrong.


Bryan T
posted May 26, 2000 03:43 PM            
You are correct sir!

A meter is an arbitrary unit in world-space coordinates. It helps keep everything in scale. Thus a human is 2 meters tall, etc..

In general most terrain engines I've seen go to the meter resolution on the terrain vertexes and the sub-meter resolution for the color texture texels.

If there is a heightmap involved, it is almost always the highest resolution of the engine. New engines are now adding procedural detail between heightfield samples.