Author Topic:   Texturing
posted March 16, 2000 07:18 PM         
I think I'm getting the hang of quadtrees/adaptive terrain, but I'm pretty lost when it comes to texturing it.

Does anyone know of any good resources to check out for either generating procedural textures or blending base textures AND a resource that would tie that in with terrain? I'm unsure on how to apply the texture to the terrain...decent, explanitory pseudocode would even be wonderful.

I have a handle on very basic texturing and could do even a single texture across the whole terrain and use coloring to differentiate things, but this obviously is highly dependant on terrain mesh resolution - and with LOD in operation, things could get messy.


Klaus Hartmann
posted March 16, 2000 08:48 PM            
Well, this is a bit too much to explain here, but... I implemented a texture synthesizer for the DDG ROAM engine. You can find it at: http://www.oz.net/~ddg/

The files that are of particular interest to you are:

I admit that this is a rather huge project, but the texture synthesis is not written for speed and should be relatively easy to understand. Besides from that, you can still ask, if you have problems. I also don't mind if you mail me in private.

Don't judge the quality by the screen shots on the DDG home page. The JPGs are very lossy.