Author Topic:   Seumas has been quiet?
posted March 15, 2000 03:05 AM            
Those of you who are regulars on this board will have noticed a drop off in posts from Seumas.

Seumas is a fighter and never wanted to be given special considerations, but now that the IGF and GDC are over, [and it was obvious to everyone there, how ill he is...] he has decided to make it public knowledge.... he has been fighting a battle with Hodgkin's Disease [...a cancer of lymph nodes...] these past 3 years, and things have been going badly since last summer.

Tread Marks was delayed because of this, postings were missed and email went unanswered.

We are trying to get things stabilized.... as we try to reverse some recent complications of treatment.

Seumas is an amazing young man...just turned 21. He has done all his programming in C since his diagnosis. This, all while having chemo and radiation therapy.

As you all know, Seumas has been very generous with his time and advise and nothing would please him more than to know that his friends were keeping this board active until his strength returns.



Bryan T
posted March 18, 2000 05:40 PM            
Dear Seumas,

A hearty "Get Well" is in order. Your work has been inspiring and entertaining. Your posts, comments, encouragements, etc. have gone above and beyond the expectations of anyone on this board.

I hope my words speak for everyone who has had the honor of reading/posting here. We are all expecting your return very soon! Congratulations on the GDC venture and your recent birthday, both worthy notes in one's life.

Personally speaking, I am aware of the treatments and problems you have been going through and wish the best for you. My parents both work in the medical field and several close friends are cancer survivors, it is a tough fight. Keep your goals in mind; Life, Love, and Happiness.

--Bryan Turner


New Member
posted March 21, 2000 03:18 PM            

Tread Marks has impressed and inspired so many of us, we can't wait to see what you'll do next. From all at #OpenGL, and #FlipCode, best wishes!

Garett Bass