Author Topic:   A bit more on where to start
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posted December 28, 1999 08:43 PM         
I have read the other similar messages on learning to program but I have a couple more questions. What program or compiler would you use to write programs for windows? Is there a specific language one must learn? Is C++ the actual language one uses to write Windows programs? Also I would like to say your work is great! I purchased both DX2 Ball and Particle fire. Later I will purchase the other board packs. I thought of a very good but simple game that I will either have to go in with someone fresh out of a programming class or learn to program myself. I have a lot of patience. Thanks again for a reply!


LDA Seumas
posted December 28, 1999 09:38 PM           
There is no one language that's used to write Windows programs. You can use C, or C++, or Basic, or Pascal, or even Assembly (but I would not recommend that).

If you have no programming experience, you might want to try Visual Basic, which is more forgiving and easier to get into than C or C++. I was looking on Amazon.com and found one book still in print about writing games in VB, though it sounds like it might be a tad out of date with the most recent version:

You might also want to try Java, as I know there is at least one book about writing games in Java, plus it's forgiving, pretty easy to learn, and you can do fun stuff on web pages with it.

You might also want to try something free and portable, such as XBasic:

I haven't used it, but it looks good on the surface.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts