Author Topic:   3D DX-Ball
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posted December 23, 1999 10:49 PM            
While all of you are off doing mad ROAM hacking, I've been experimenting with 3D in java. To start testing my engine, I wrote a 3D game that looks suspiciously like DXBall (please don't sue me! =).

Please check it out and tell me what you think! I suspect other programmers will especially appreciate the naming of some of the powerups.


LDA Seumas
posted December 24, 1999 01:52 AM           
That's pretty cool.

Gameplay is a little slow to get going, which is a problem I see with a lot of first time breakout games. I think you need some explosive bricks, or a faster initial ball speed. The play field is so big that the game can start out a little on the boring side, until you get a couple of multiball's in a row. Having that huge number of balls around is quite neat though.

The concept of the view moving with the paddle works pretty well, though it's hard to try to catch two things at once (such as a power up and a ball, or two balls). On one hand that could be thought of as adding to the challenge.

One thing I really don't like is the delay before you can launch the ball after catching it. For some reason that really bugs me. Also you need lasers.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts


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posted December 24, 1999 01:36 PM            
I'm glad you like it. This is the first game I've ever written, and only my second 3D engine (I miss the good ol days of TP for DOS and TASM). As for improvements, I don't think i'll be doing much, since it was just a quick hack to avoid studying for exams (translation: the code looks like it was coded in asm, without comments =). Exploding bricks, and more complex levels should be doable. I was thinking about making the bricks two level, so that if you hit a brick on the lower level, the one above it would drop down to take its place. But that would jack up the poly count, and complicated the hardcoded (!) HSR. And I completely forgot about lasers...

Oh well, it served its purpose, 100 people in my compilers class wrangled for the high score instead of studying, and since the class is graded on a curve... =)

And as for the delay after you catch the ball... it only happens on win32. So much for write once, run anywhere. (and that was the least of my problems, the code has two threads, rendering and events, and the rendering thread would starve out the event thread ONLY on certain VMs for X. That one was fixed by randomly adding "Thread.yield" to the rendering code. I have a newfound hate for java now. =)

Now I'm debating trying my hand at implementing ROAM in java. I'll be screaming "ROAM in JAVA!!!" over and over again when they carry me off to the asylum.