Author Topic:   New 3D Landscape Engines
posted October 18, 1999 02:14 PM            

I have been noticing a lot of new games coming out with spectacular 3D terrains.
Black And White, Halo, C&C Renegade to just mention a few. I just got done looking at
a video of "Halo" from Bungie and I was blown away yet again.

My question... however... is does anyone have any _clue_ as to how they are pulling off
such amazing landscapes at realtime speeds? I just don't have any guesses .. and it gets
frustrating when I spend all day to get my landscape to look _presentable_ at 30fps but
these games look 100x better.

Anyone care to share some ideas on this? If I were to sacrafice realtime deformation of
the landscape is there some other algorithms that i should maybe look into? I am hooked
on binary triangle trees because of their simplicity and how they avoid cracks nicely. But,
I would love to check out some other options if I can get better detail in my landscape.