Author Topic:   Terrain Rendering
Effin Goose
posted September 24, 1999 09:41 AM            
Hi, Im fairly new to 3d programming, and was wondering what are the basic generic visibility determination algorithms used in heightfield/terrain rendering. I have been thinking about doing a terrain rendering program, and im not really sure where to start. my current 3d program just renders models (in software), and I was just wondering what algorithms are used for culling in a terrain engine.

Thanks for your help



LDA Seumas
posted September 27, 1999 08:59 PM           
Hi Ryan, sorry about the delay.

In Tread Marks I cull the terrain in two stages. First is when I decide which 64x64 meter "patches" need to be activated this frame; I do a 2D cull against the left and right view frustum planes to clip the patches. Then within each patch I do another 2D test against the frustum planes for each binary triangle I split. Once I triangle is completely visible, I switch to a split test that doesn't include a culling test for all of that triangle's children, as they will all be in the frustum too.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts


Effin Goose
posted September 30, 1999 08:26 AM            
I got my terrain up and running with quad trees which i thought was pretty cool .
Am gonna have a look at bin trees and give em a whirl.. have to look em up first tho thanks for your reply...