Author Topic:   Twaddle an example
posted February 08, 2005 04:51 PM            
The following message which was supposed to be sent to me was actually sent to a junior associate working on a different project.

The UCC-128 label you submitted for testing has failed. The label has failed the scanning portion of the testing process. The label was scanning with a grade of F / 0 and it needs to be a scan grade fo C / 2 or higher to be compliant and pass testing.

The layout of the label passed so you do not need to change anything with that. Have a great day.

The translation of the above comes to a pass on content and layout but a failure on the color black. It was explained to me that I must make the label black and that the black I am sending is not black enough. This is kind of humorous as this thermal printer only prints uh, BLACK.

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posted February 08, 2005 08:53 PM            
35.7 F grades is a difference from 0

(no clue) thermal printers, never seen one and probably never will.