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Such an awesome game, I think also that the people I have met (and fragged and fragged me) make it such...

BUT.. I have some questions.. and I know that questions like this get asked many times, I DID do a search for them.. (many many results) but surely there is a page or link or thread that addresses them the best.. can someone direct me to it/them? (Hope this isn't another dumb question like my post on music hehehehe)

*How do you know what mods or downloads to load so everyones on the same playing field?

*What if I want to go to some different place/map/server that doesn't support them, will it boggle just 'my' screen up? or everyone elses too?

*If that is the case, how does everyone go about keeping it all sorted out?

*Ladder play sounds cool, but how does it work?

*So far I have just been playing on the LDA stock server.. are there others that I am missing out on? (without jumping into the middle of an arranged game or something?

*Since it worked out when I put that server up when LDA was temporarily down, I'd be interested in hosting anything if anyone needs it.. (depending on times though)

Thanks for any answers...
(I still think it is odd to get on and say hi to everyone and commence to fragging them)

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1) hopefully the thoughtful server op will include in the server info(if mem serves) in the dedicated.cfg
2)only if the mods are user selectable (tank or flag) and you select them. then it goofs up play for any one else on the server. otherwise the mods don't show up, period(server controls which mods, if any, are used)
3)I keep what I call my standard addons loaded(assorted maps, flags and weapons) for those servers I play regularly(hallsted, dinochrome(i think), and lda). anything else (such as; ft&cd, halloween etc)gets it's own folder, and swapped in out as needed.
4) singleplay race mode
5) 'Hallsted I am'(apologies if I missed your name) is nice, you will need the server pack(maps and weapons, avail from a number of places)
7) yes we are a 'friendly' bunch. though I think that is (or should be) part of 'server ettiquet'

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i tried to address some of these issues here:
a TM FAQ/tutorial on AddOns

the server description should tell one which addon mods are needed, and where one can get them.

basically, one needs to be organized.
and a 2 paned file manager makes this easy.
i have a folder called TM mods for servers...
inside this are various folders, like ...
mods for server x
mods for server y
mods for server z
inside of each of these folders is the AddOns folder for that particular server.

then one just swap them in and out depending on where one wants to play.

it's not elegant, but it works.

the 2 most obvious signs that you don't have the right mods are map load errors and invisible tanks.
map load errors just mean you need to download the correct maps to play on that server, and if you bump into invisible tanks, then you need to get the tanks mods so that you can see those tanks then.

this is why some servers use SSO mods, no download is necessary for the player, as all mods are synced from the server to the client machine.

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hope this helps some.


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Roger I ck out the page nice real nice you did a great "promo" job for TM...we need more of this support for the "best game you ever played...bar none "........

PS..TM'ers ck out his home page!