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WTF ...

Welcome to my general nothing topic about the bigger issues of nothing important.

Let me start off by saying bugger off no but seriously lol ... this is my own little spurt of life and lesson, if your not interested, see the first line of this paragraph upto the smiley.

Why are we here:

We love conflict.... tanks shooting each other is fun... and its always been more fun to destroy, than to create... (even Milton told us that in Paradise Lost) thats why theres fewer modders than players in the world.

We love conflict... humans love to see ppl ripping the $hit outta each other.. its entertainment on primetime baby.... its the reason we have wrestling, boxing and bloodsports...

We love conflict, we goto war in the belief that a conflict will make this better in the end.... sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. Take Ras for example... he said sumthin to me in a game not long back.... "youre being awfully kind to me", well.. why not..... he IS a good player FACT.. cant hide that, can only be seriously intimidated by HOW GOOD. The fact that he's never backed down to me once means we come out of it better - at once point id dearly have loved to rip out his eyeballs and urinate on (ok so youve seen Trading Paces - the lines not original, but still lol...

I digress, he stood upto me, that earns respect, it also gains understanding, thats why he can all enlighten us all on my behaviour - he understands. Cowards can continue to suck my gonads

We love conflict, the best selling games are about ppl that shoot ppl ... or aliens.... not about barbie dolls, adventures in a school, frogs hopping over roads or bionic grannies running around a field (i kid you not, ive had all those games in the past lol). EXCITEMENT is the name of the game.

But some of us, havd a slightly wired (yes i did mean wired, not wierd), perception of teamplay... ive decided to explain in a bit more detail here a "conflict" that happened about a year ago over game strategy.

Since when does a clan, give another clan tips on what is good or bad game strategy ? - well in truth, it shouldnt, but it did... the other clan didnt think it was fair for my own team mate to frag me for my weapon - then they stood amazed why i supported it.

Teamplay in a group environment can be an awesome thing - no, scratch that, it IS an awesome thing. As vortex took great delight in reminding me the other night "you suck" - yup, i do, no question there, im definately a very mediocre player at tm.... so in team games i serve a very different purpose.

Ever see the film "Matrix Revolutions" ? - theres a kid who is taking ammo out to the big hard mechs which are fighting off the squiddies ? Think of me that way in team games.... if i find a cruise, fine ill fire it off. IF however i find say, a mass, and i know one of my guys is a crack shot with it (as it happens im quite good with mass, but thats beside the point)... but has say a dirtball.... ill hobble over and allow my team mate to frag me and take the weapon.

WHY !!

Well, i know he can do more damage with that for the sake of 1 point, than i could with it... SACRIFICE, theres lessons in Chess too

Why argue here though ?

Well.. there IS a point to it... magicians, kung fu, manager positions - all depend on diversion, deception, illusion, projecting congeniality among other things - its slight of the hand... fooling the ppl around you, lulling them into a false sense of security b4 ripping the rug from beneath them... Passing the ball in American Football - look one way, pass the other... even basketball relies on these basic things.

So, if i suck, why do i sometime attend clan battles ? it makes more sense surely that i have my best ppl on the field ? doesnt it ? ..... or does it .....

Some can tell you as i say it often enough - i love being a decoy, if i can get u to show your tanks @ss to my best players we have the advantage - on the other hand, if ur not watching me, im liable to drop a nuke on your head - i love unpredictability.

A lot of ppl moaned about that strategy ... because it was unconventional, but most of all, because it was deception, and because it worked

Ive been around running clans for a lot of years, and i know how to make my points, along the way there are ppl that just dont listen no matter what - those ppl are beyond help, ive even paid the price for my views... but i still remain comitted to them, for if i conform, give up the beielf, the right to chose, then im little more than an automaton in the game, worth little else than an AI.

Why do we create conflict ? - because conflict is the path to creating better things.... every war we have, the winner comes out stronger, better, faster.... how much better, how much faster.... how much will we be after the next, and the next... its natural evolution, the purpose must be served (Quote from Babylon 5) - Do i pick on joe tiny with his flaming tank, the easy kill ? hell yeah... its a point init ? - yeah it is... but how much more satisfying is it to quench a 100% healthy opponent, one you KNOW FULL WELL is better than you are... yes, feels good.

I am a prick, i am defensive, i am obsequious, obnoxious and full of $hit ... i am boystrous, agressive, spontaneous, dangerous and deceptive... even despicable but ya know what - there IS method to my madness, and i wouldnt change it for the world.

Life is life, games are games.... accept it, or move on its all any of us can really do in the big scheme of things - just be true to yourself, and be the best that you can be; thats all life requires.

However you achieve it

Why am i an @ssh0le ? - because ppl LOVE @ssh0les... thats why Jerry Springer is so popular, nobody knows what to expect from the show, its compulsive viewing - and it's SO MUCH FUN ! lol ...

Donations to the "Matrix is still scum" fund can be sent directly to my PayPal account - Have a nice day.

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The pic shows as FORBIDDEN m8...


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rofl Kong.

Matrix - can I have a one sentence summary along with my TPS report?



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Let me help Par. Think back to the literary exploits of one Theodore Kaczynski - not so much in a technological/political sense but more in a scatological sense - and it will all be clear.

(This is the part where my humor is just a tad bit too acrid and he lets me have it. )


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Runs off for a dictionary, this is way over my head lol


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The Unabomber