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posted May 02, 2004 11:40 AM            
Ok, out of the blue my PC crashed the other day. I restarted it... and it wouldn't boot up. I got an error saying their was an error in the registry....etc and then i'd get an error saying I was missing vmm32.vxd, and after poking around in the hd trying to back it up, i've discovered that the file allocation table is bad?....
Any ideas on how to fix this? (FAT32, win 98 se) Im looking around online for some kind of dos tool I can use to try and have it fix it but no luck so far. I can still see all the files on my hard drive, and I can access some of them, and others I can't. I was able to copy a 600 megabyte folder easily, but another 5 megabyte one was littered with errors that prevented it from being copied (the bad file allocation thing).
appareciate any help, thanks.


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This happened to my dad's business laptop once before (put it in his trunk and it slid from side to side on every turn) The only way that he was able to fix it was to take it so someone who actually did know what he was doing and he was able to read the raw data from the hard drive and then sort it out manually before loading the info back into a whole new drive (or computer, can't really remember). Anyway, uhh, you're in deep.

Of course, it might not as bad a case as that was...


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posted May 02, 2004 03:17 PM            
Is it just me or is every1's pc going nuts recently ???

Ok, To rescue a FAT32 drive, copy all the data onto cd's or another hard drive, format down to refresh the filetable and put the data back. Once the FAT starts to corrupt u WILL get errors like missing DLL's and VXD's - and (worse luck) these things only get worse - like a deck of cards, if one important file goes astray, the rest soon fall down.

VXD's are usually related to video drivers and or memory issues (though the latter is usually reported with a blue screen of death).

You can try to defrag, but i wouldnt advise it. Once the FAT gets mulched theres no rescuing anything, you wont even find so much as an icon intact.

What i tend to do is get a good setup (windows programs drivers etc), then i use NORTON GHOST to backup the drive to an image - i store this on a drive i dont use for anything else. If the worst happens, you use a floppy boot, and unghost the image back to the drive.

Alternatively - look for a tool called "Roxio GoBack 3" - its a real lifesaver, and saves u messing with recovery tools... it repairs the FAT and everything should there be an error, or you screw windows into the ground.


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I think I need to find my copy of ghost then. I just had to reformat my whole puter earlier this week. Fortunately I was aboe to transfer the data to a different drive, though I did unfortunately lose all my bookmarks and some of my other saved stuff as the newly reformated drive and installed 98 didn't seem to read it the same way. The idea of using Ghost didn't even occur to me, though it might have been too late anywho, since even my mouse was fouling up. Matrix, any idea what might have happened afterwards? I got almost everything reloaded and was using it just fine then I came back from dealing with something and had to reboot only to come up with a fouled up boot sector. So I got to go through the same process all over again. My puter is up and working now, though it doesn't seem to want to shut itself off all the way like it is supposed to. I think I had better remember to check out the other forums as I suspect this one is going to get sent there.

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If you are running Windows 98, your best bet in the event of something like this is to boot up in DOS mode, then type:
scanreg /restore
This will give you the option of restoring the registry from any of the last 5 bootups. It can save a lot of time and hassle sometimes. Like any Windows function, it is not 100% reliable :P, but I would sure try this before I reinstalled.
For even better capabilities, change the line in scanreg.ini that sets the # of backups from 5 to a higher number such as 20. This will give you 15 additional backed up registries to restore from.
Of course, it is best to do when the system is running well, rather than crashed out.

P.S. After reading your post again, I would recommend a good disk sector scan. It sounds like it could be a physical problem with your hard drive. No registry restore is going to fix that.

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yep...every ones PC just blew up...

I just had to replace the mobo and hard drive in mine....

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thx for the posts, going to be trying some of these suggestions tomorrow (if I have time), this next week is gonna be busy


posted May 04, 2004 01:38 PM            
The sasser worm got my pc, don't know when I'll be up and running again.

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posted May 04, 2004 04:10 PM            
Matrix, any idea what might have happened afterwards? I got almost everything reloaded and was using it just fine then I came back from dealing with something and had to reboot only to come up with a fouled up boot sector.

Is the bios virus flashable, or do u have a dual bios mobo ?

Its possible a virus could infect the MBR (master boot record) and switch it off...

Its possible the FAT lost its way to your registry files...

Its possible that your cmos/bios settings reset to default....

If you mess with linux installs or any kind of boot management program, that too can screw u up (lilo for example mulched my fat32 to fat16 and destroyed everything i had a few years back... wont make that mistake again, no matter HOW easy it looks in a magazine)

Its possible that your HD controller card gave up the ghost and just sits there clicking, this means its trying to initialize the drive, but cant - the data is fine, but without a new controller card its as good as lost. To get a new controller card, buy an identical drive (size etc) and make sure u have the same PCBA number on the label - swapping em out is fairly straightforward.

Regular backups are the answer, either to DVD-r or another hard drive.

Beyond that, the question becomes "how valuable is your data?" - there are recovery companies out there, but they charge the earth to bring back your files.

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posted May 05, 2004 08:57 AM            
Tanx for the inadvertant reminder, Rixy. I forgot I've got a DVD burner now. D'oh!