Author Topic:   Comments about the recent clan battle....put them here.
posted April 25, 2004 09:13 PM            
just to keep it seperate

one I would go back to downloading the clan flags...the SSO did not work

No, non of the rutting was taken out because no one was showing up.

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posted April 27, 2004 03:09 PM            
First clan battle for me>>
It was fun!
Besides Coax, is there any other page for standings for clans and individuals? (except for the ladder)...


Robo Jaws
posted April 27, 2004 03:23 PM            
Ok if its stats tables and frag counts u want
the pop off to Killers site and for those
servers the run TMlogscan you will have
hours of fun wading through the tables.
http://www.boomstickjoes.com/treadmarks/ dont forget to klick on the TM servers tab
at the top of the page

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posted April 27, 2004 04:27 PM            
And you can create a Myboomstick account and set yourself up with stat tracking graphs like this:

Thx for the plug there Robo

That reminds me, I have to add 2 more tables for myboomstick users. Killed and Killed by.

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posted April 27, 2004 09:30 PM            
That would be a terrible idea. Just think what those graphs would look like on MY account.

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posted April 29, 2004 09:47 PM            
I'd love to hack my account and put in a few loop-de-loops or something... mwahahahah. I always wanted to do something evil like that. Wouldn't it be neato if you could grab an excerpt from some horror film where someone is being possessed by a demon and turn it into a McDonalds commercial and put it on TV. I think that's one of those enjoy-it-for-2-days-before-being-arrested sort of ecstacies of life, even though I have terrible spelling. Just imagine if you could go down in history as the man who cut a strong corporate franchise in half overnight. But then, you have to make sure that you really really do a good job of dubbing the voices over a truly terrible scene that is also of very low quality that has something tastefully disgusting enough so you keep thinking of some innocent person going insane and making lights flicker whenever you look at a McDonalds sign.

Okay, this post combined with the one on the St. George's Day post should probably make it official: I really really really don't want to work on 3 hours of stupid physics homework right now. I REALLY want to program and play TM. REALLY REALLY REA.....

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posted April 29, 2004 11:04 PM            
Hmm. how about using a few clips from 'Faces of Death'?


McDonalds -- Lovin' it

News man: here I am at the McDonalds hamburger plant, and I'm talking with Mr. Manny Patties, The plants supervisor. So did Mcdonalds really server over 2 billion burgers?

Manny Patties: Why yes.

News man: But there isn't enough cattle in the world for that many burgers, how did you get all that meat?

Manny Patties: Easy, come inside and see for yourself, most of our meat come from cattle , but we also use other sources.

<cut to scene of monkey getting its brains fried>

Manny Patties: Primate meat is very similar to beef, and using high voltage not only kills the monkey but also precooks the meat to kill any parasites. We also use Jane/John Does and buy cadivers from our many brokers.

<cut to in progress gory deaths>

Manny Patties: Our favorites are autoaccidents, since the massive forces the burgers-to-be are subjected to, tenderizes the meat.