Author Topic:   Race ladder results from April 15th...yes they are finally here
posted April 21, 2004 01:42 AM            
Race Results are below with these few late highlites:

· ThetaXi has finally made it on the best lap time race ladder with his win on Ice World.
· Harmless has got another weapon to exchange…yes I will definitely get around to doing very soon.

__Race____# of ________
__Points Races__Racers
____26_____14___LWA Harmless
____25______8___GA ThetaXI
____24_____14___GA 666
____16______9___John B.
_____2______2___GA Queen

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posted April 21, 2004 10:27 AM            
Sorry I've been absent lately, only one week left of school, so you know how it goes... tests, finals, projects... It's kinda hard for me to race at 11PM eastern when I'm thinking of grades, etc. I prob. won't make it this thursday either, but I most defenitly 100000% guarantee I won't miss sunday Clan battle.