Author Topic:   Give me a "Scheduled Events and Downloads" forum or give me... death? No! A loss!
posted March 31, 2004 12:29 AM            
This was Ras' post that I cannot put a reply to due to the change of the IP address. So why repost it...well LDA has given us the go ahead to do it. I will fill you all in on the details.

That's right. I like 666's idea so much that I've raised the stakes of the Patrick Henry parody by replacing "death" with something even worse: a loss to DNX this weekend.

And, I liked it so much that I wanted to be the one to start the thread or a thread. Here's part of what 666 said in the other thread:

quote:This has been worrying me also. I was going to do a post this weekend that will have the thread title, "Scheduled Events and Downloads". Inside the 1st post I was going to list all the events and post links for the downloads. I will pursue with LDA to get a forum for just info and links for all the servers needs, rankings, mod locations, etc.

One of the hardest parts of playing on a modded server is trying to find the mods. Hopefully I will be successful. Let you know how it comes out.

Here's my reply:

quote:A forum category is appropriate in the sense that it would make it incredibly easy to always access such information. Threads started here always end up getting buried. In fact, I love the idea 666! (Bet you never thought I'd say that.)

You could allow a thread for each active server or "often active server" (like anarchy) and one for each scheduled event. The admins could delete anyone else's attempts at spam. I mean think about it, one click and there'd be less than a 20 threads always on top that would always make accessing currently needed mods real easy.

You could genericly label a thread "clan war schedule and downloads", another "racing schedule and downloads" another "robos server downloads" and so on. When new servers go up, the server host could start a new thread. Server hosts could message an admin when to pull the thread and/or the admin could message the host about a thread that no longer appears to have a related server and/or the server host could make a note in the thread title like "exp 2/28" to indicate when to pull the thread.

Feel free to start your own thread and ignore this one if you like 666. I just wanted to bring this to the top now. It just makes too much d@mn sense.

I should add:
Someone might suggest that each website should get its own thread. Perhaps a single thread for all websites to be listed would be good, but anything more would make it too big and too hard to find the information for which the forum is beig proposed. The most obvious threads to be allowed would be for current events and current servers. That keeps the tread count down to a manageable level and keeps them from getting buried.

Here is the link for the rest of the post: /forums/archive/ubb/Forum2/HTML/003918.html

yes...yes...I have been sick for the last few days...so I have not been around.

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