Author Topic:   GBV stock skins old and new and what to do
posted March 05, 2004 02:43 AM            
Yes, I am here to clear things up. It would be best to have the new skins. There are more of them and they all now have names that are not the stock tank name. It should lead to less confusion when selecting a tank to play on a non-modded server.

One will need the new skins to play on the CTF and race ladder.
One will need to delete the old skins because one will max out the number of tanks skins in ones selection.

Below is a directory of the bmp and ent files of the OLD GBV stock skins. One can chose to delete the files individual. Or just go to your addons/entities/race tank folder and delete all the tanks and then just download the ones you want.

These are the bmp files of the old GBV stock skin files to delete.


These are the ent files of the old GBV stock skins files to delete.

__Race Tank

As always, if there is a question, ICQ or email me and I will try to answer it.

Note: added Tank27black.ent and Tank27black.bmp to the list above.

OH, Community Modded pack is out…is this going to be stock?
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posted March 05, 2004 11:12 PM            
There is still one of the Claymore tanks that GBV modded the skin for which does not have a name. It is the first one in the list after the old files are cleaned up and the new skins are loaded. It has a grey skin and no name other than Claymore. Does not say the name when clicked on like the other modded skins. You might want to have him fix that one too.

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posted March 06, 2004 12:38 AM            
Just so long as I don't have to download the whole schmear again.

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posted March 08, 2004 01:06 AM            
Yes...thank you soooo much. I knew there was another tank to take out but I was too tired when I had to post this to figure it out. I have edited the 1st post to include them all.

Again, thank you Sailor.

OH, Community Modded pack is out…is this going to be stock?
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