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Can anyone please explain what I'm supposed to do to take screen shots? I was told by 666 to press "print screen" and to save it when prompted... but when I press "print screen" nothing happens! Could it be b/c I don't have a printer installed on my pc?


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press ctrl-alt-printscreen and then paste it to windoes' paint program and just save it. This method only allows one screen shot to be taken.

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hit prtscr, then exit TM, open MS Paint, and click edit --> Paste.

alternativly, open the config file, set AnimFPS to 1, and enable it. then tap F12 twice to take a screenshot

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Or join dmf and download a screengrabber from our members area

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DMF has a real good 1 and its free

its called capture by analogx

i play tm in the windowed opp.

so when raceing i can taks screen shots

this works very well.


posted February 18, 2004 10:42 PM            
all you need to do is press the F12 key.
this is the simplest thing to do.
press F12 once to start a capture
press F12 a 2nd time to end it.

[[ once you add 2 lines to the config.cfg file, at the bottom is fine. ]]

then, at your leisure, after the game is over, you can look at the screenshots, and convert them to jpg, save, archive, whatever.

this also allows you to play TM full screen.


2 changes to make to the
TreadMarks config.cfg file

# to enable in game screen captures
# by pressing the F12 key
# add to the bottom of the config.cfg file
# found in C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5 folder
# or where ever you installed TM
# the following 3 lines

# Animation frame saving. (F12)
AnimDir = c:\TempShots\tank
AnimFPS = 15

# remember though, to press the F12 key twice!
# press F12 once, and you start a non stop series
# of in game screen captures.
# press F12 a second time to stop it.
# also,
# create a folder called TempShots on your C: drive
# TM will save screen captures as bmp files, so they
# are large. the saved bmp files will be numbered
# tank00001.bmp, tank00002.bmp, etc. etc.
# screen captures are good for bragging rights

# also notice this entry in the config.cfg file

# Logging.
LogFileActive = 1
LogFileName = "tank.log"

# by default, it is set to 1
# so a log file is created and grows and grows
# every time you play treadmarks
# to deactivate the log file
# set to 0
LogFileActive = 0
# or comment it out with a pound sign
# Logging.
# LogFileActive = 1
# LogFileName = "tank.log"



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posted February 19, 2004 01:19 PM            
IT WORKs! Thanks everyone. I ended up using harmless' way. Pictures look great! Now hopefully I'll make it in the TM books.


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