Author Topic:   Anarchy Domination Maps - Rough Guide
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posted February 07, 2004 04:44 AM            
666 messaged me last night about the domination event immediately after the birthday bash. So, if anyone is up for it, you can find a guide to the maps HERE.

I dont know weather they will run the event or not, i guess thats upto the server admins. You will need the full anarchy pack to take part. You will need winzip (www.winzip.com) and winace (www.winace.com) to unpack the maps into your tm install -

PLEASE READ THE README FILE, i got so many questions emailed last time i stopped answering them with "read the readme file, you question is answered in there".

Please visit the link to read the details, please dont steel my bandwidth by linking the picture here, i will only rename it... Thx.