Author Topic:   AI patch?
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posted January 27, 2004 11:11 PM            
Hey all,

Downloaded TM last month, use to have it 3 years or so ago, and the AI is weak. I thought I remembered a patch a long time ago that made it more challenging to play against AI. Now is that and all other patches already in the download I got last month? If not where do I get them?

Is there something I can do in the .ini file that would increase the difficulty?

Sorry for the lame questions and appreciate any help.


posted January 27, 2004 11:37 PM            
WEll i have never seen a patch like that. iv been playing the game ever sence the first demo was released to the public. and i dont know of any lines in the ent files taht you could change to make the AI harder. you can edit indevidual tanks so that they have higher armor or faster reload time or even go faster. but besides taht i dont know....

Um? Well if I could think of one id put it here.

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posted January 28, 2004 12:04 AM            
If you are playing is single player mode there is a place where you can increase the ai intelligence upto 100% in the map preview window.

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posted January 28, 2004 02:12 AM            
The AI intelligence, in multiplayer, is set in the config file for that server. In singleplayer, it is as Coaxs stated, on your map preview screen.
I know there are other ent tweaks to make the AI "more smart", like by changing the turret speed, increasing or decreasing the radar size (to make it more challanging for YOU), but only you really know what is more challanging. The EEK file tells you a lot about what the commands do, which is downloadable from Here
It's a description, written by an old TM player, swisher, that describes the .ent files.
Have fun, and welcome back!
Oh, btw, the current version running is version 1.6. If you dont' have it patched to that version, or if the download is version 1.5, I believe coaxs, at www.coaxs.net has links to the most current patches.