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I was having trouble taking screen shots in Tread Marks 1.5.9. There was post that talked about this, but didn't work for everyone. I think this will do it (at least it did for me):

In the main Tread Marks folder (default is C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5), edit file config.cfg and add the following lines:

#Animation frame saving. (F12)
AnimDir = c:\TempShots\tank
AnimFPS = 15

This will cause screen shots to be placed in the c:\TempShots folder when you press F12. You do not have to press Alt-F12. The BitMap files created will be named tank0001.bmp through tank9999.bmp.

Hope this works for you all as well as it has for me.


The above is courtesy BWL Swisher from May 2001 for those who need a refresher. Remember to press F12 again when you want to stop taking pictures. It will take 15 pictures per second so you can fill up your drive space pretty fast if you forget to press it a second time to stop it.
Oh yes for those using the eGames version the config.cfg file is in the game folder under egames folder in program fiies folder. Where TM.exe file is if I got it wrong about that structure. C:\Program Files\eGames\Game - I have a copy installed, but I removed all the eGames directory structure and placed it in a normal TreadMarks directory.

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Rex R
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you may have to create the folder 'c:\TempShots' Note the drive letter should be the drive you have the game installed on, for most ppl this will be 'c:' also if one wants you can change the name to something else like 'c:\tankshots\tank' (you will of course need to change the AnimDir = line in the config file) nother thing tm will overwrite the previous pictures (it will start at the beginning each time you start the game) so move or convert to another format any pictures you want to keep before running the game again